The Danish Society of Actuaries publishes a list of members who meet the association’s expectation for continuing education and who wish to appear on the list, the so-called Positive List. The list is updated at least once a year and may be found via this link.


The knowledge base and business landscape within which the actuary operates is constantly evolving. As a result, actuaries have a fundamental need for continuing education. Therefore, and based on the guidelines of the International Actuarial Association and the Actuarial Association of Europe, the Danish Society of Actuaries has formulated qualitative and quantitative requirements and recommendations to its members concerning continuing professional development (CPD). A member who meets the requirements is designated as a CPD-approved member.


The requirements concerning continuing professional development formulated by the Danish Society of Actuaries are as follows:

  • Completion and registration of at least 90 hours of CPD over the last three years, of which
    • At least 60 hours should concern technical subjects
    • At least 60 hours do not constitute self-learning
  • Completion and registration of the association’s one-day course `Dataetik for aktuarer’ (Data Ethics for Actuaries) no later than end of 2025.