The Danish Society of Actuaries

The Danish Society of Actuaries was established in 1901.

The Society held its first constituents meeting on the 23rd April 1901 and the first meeting of members on the 31st May 1901. At this meeting the original statutes were laid down.

The object of the Danish Society of Actuaries is to advance the body of knowledge of the actuarial science and to enhance the interest of the Danish actuary profession.

The latest regulations of the Society were amended on the 13th January 2023.


On the 10th January 1990 ethical regulations for the Society were adopted. The latest amendment took place on the 1th January 2020.


Right to Hearing

The Danish Society of Actuaries works together with the Danish Financial Supervisory Authority and the Ministry of Economic affairs and is entitled to be a party in all hearings on actuarial concerns, and members are often appointed to take part in the committee meetings.